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Additive Use and Cold Flow Performance of Biodiesel Blends in Tennessee

TDOT Joins Kentucky, Alabama and Indiana to Announce I-65 as “America’s First Biofuels Corridor”

E85 & B20 Stations Now Operating Along Interstate 65 in Four States

"America's First Biofuels Corridor" I-65

The fifth edition of the Tennessee Clean Fuels Advisor is now online!


Governor Phil Bredesen today announced a partnership between the University of Tennessee and DuPont to advance the state’s clean energy technology initiatives.

Big Win for Biodiesel: ASTM Approves New Biodiesel Blend Specifications

Automakers, Fleets Encouraged by New Biodiesel Standards.

More Studies Say Biofuels Have a Minor Impact on Food Costs

A new report from New Energy Finance concludes that biofuels are responsible for at most 8% out of the 168% rise in grain prices since 2004, and for at most 17% out of the 136% rise in global food prices.

TDOT Now Accepting "Green Island" Biofuels Corridor Grant Applications

Grants Provide Funds to Help Retail Fuel Stations Install Biofuel Infrastructure

Governor Bredesen Announces $355,792 in Green Island Corridor Grants

Grants Awarded to Local Retail Fuel Stations for the Establishment of Biofuel Pumps

Biodiesel Manufacturers' Incentive Fund Effective Tomorrow

Incentive estimated to increase production by two million gallons

Bredesen Announces Alternative Fuel Innovations Grants

Governor Phil Bredesen and Environment and Conservation Commissioner Jim Fyke announced that 14 applicants are eligible to receive Alternative Fuel Innovations Grants totaling more than $881,000. (July 26, 2007)

Governor Bredesen Unveils New Campaign to Increase Visibility of Biofuels

Announces Additional Retail Stations to Provide Biofuels

Governor Bredesen Proclaims First Ever Biofuels Day in Tennessee

As millions prepare to celebrate their freedom this July Fourth, Governor Phil Bredesen is encouraging Tennesseans to kick off the pre-holiday weekend by celebrating independence with biofuels.  Governor Bredesen today signed a proclamation declaring June 28th as the first ever Biofuels Day in Tennessee and announced his plan to get more Tennesseans to try clean, homegrown, renewable biofuels.

Governor Bredesen Announces Green Island Corridor Grants

Governor Phil Bredesen announced that the state will provide a Green Island Corridor Grant of $16,400 to the Pilot fuel station at 205 Walker Springs Road in Knoxville. The funds will be used to convert an existing underground storage tank and dispenser to biodiesel (B20) fuel. This grant is one of ten totaling more than $130,000 awarded to retail fuel stations across the state. (June 6, 2007)

Bredesen Announces Feedstock Loan Recipients

Governor Phil Bredesen, Economic and Community Development Commissioner Matthew Kisber and Agriculture Commissioner Ken Givens announced the recipients of the Feedstock Processing Demonstration Loan at the first Governor’s Conference on Biofuels at Montgomery Bell State Park. Tennessee Soy Products, Inc., located in McMinnville, Tenn., Freedom BioFuels, Inc., located in Madison, Tenn., and Nu-Oil, LLC, located in Counce, Tenn., are the Tennessee companies receiving the loan. (May 31, 2007)

Bredesen Makes Available $3.5 Million For Three Alternative Fuels Grant And Loan Programs

Governor Phil Bredesen made $3.5 million in grants and loans available today to increase the accessibility, development and production of biofuels in Tennessee. Bredesen announced the opening of the application processes on Wednesday in remarks previewing a comprehensive alternative fuels strategy to be proposed in his 2007-2008 budget. "I believe we're at a critical point in which Tennessee can be a national leader in the development of the alternative fuels market," said Bredesen. "It's a smart energy strategy, a smart economic strategy and a smart environmental strategy. Most importantly, it helps create new markets and new opportunities for Tennessee farmers." (October 20, 2006)

Bredesen Announces Next Steps In Tennessee's Alternative Fuels Strategy

Governor Phil Bredesen announced today that his proposed 2007-2008 budget will include $61 million for a comprehensive alternative fuels strategy to position Tennessee to be a national leader in the production of biomass ethanol and related research. Combined with $11.6 million in existing funding for an ongoing related project at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the Governor's proposal represents a $72.6 million comprehensive plan. (January 31, 2007)

Bredesen Unveils Specifics of Alternative Fuels Initiative

Governor Phil Bredesen announced specifics of Tennessee’s alternative fuels initiative to increase production and use of cleaner renewable energy resources. Bredesen has accepted a series of recommendations made by the Alternative Fuels Working Group, which he created by executive order in February 2006, to develop a comprehensive alternative fuels strategy for Tennessee. The working group includes representatives from six state agencies, including the Departments of Agriculture, Economic and Community Development, Environment and Conservation, General Services, Health and Transportation. (October 20, 2006)

Governor Bredesen Signs Executive Order Creating Alternative Fuels Working Group

Governor Phil Bredesen signed an Executive Order...establishing the Governor's Interagency Alternative Fuels Working Group to develop a comprehensive state alternative fuels strategy for Tennessee. "This is just the first of many steps we want to take to increase Tennessee's use of renewable alternative fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol," said Bredesen. "Increasing our use of cleaner, renewable energy resources will promote cleaner air and better health for our citizens and create additional economic opportunities for Tennessee farmers. Increased production of biofuels also has the potential to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and increase our ability to withstand future supply disruptions and spikes in fuel prices." (February 15, 2006)

Panther Creek State Park First In The Tennessee State Parks System To Use Biodiesel Fuel

Panther Creek State Park is the first in the Tennessee State Parks system to buy biodiesel fuel for use in its diesel vehicles. Panther Creek currently operates six diesel vehicles, including mowers, a Bobcat, a tractor and a dump truck. "The use of alternative fuels is one of the things we're doing to be good stewards of our natural environment," said park manager John LeCroy. "We have taken other measures as well, such as installing timers on lights, to increase our energy efficiency for environmental and financial benefits." (June 23, 2005)