BioTenn - A Partnership for Homegrown Energy

The Executive Order

On February 14, 2005, Governor Bredesen signed Executive Order No. 33 which formed an interagency alternative fuels working group. This group, comprised of 6 state departments, is charged with developing a state alternative fuels strategy that will provide a roadmap to make Tennessee a leader in the production, distribution and use of biofuels in the Southeast.

The Executive Order targets state efforts for increased biofuel production and expanded retail availability. It calls for the Department of Economic and Community Development to make biofuel production and processing a priority. In addition, the Department of Transportation is encouraged to continue efforts to help fund the installation on new publicly available alternative refueling stations, and the Department of Agriculture is charged with developing biodiesel fuel quality standards. The Working Group is excited about the interest and enthusiasm for clean, smart alternative fuels in Tennessee. Working closely with key stakeholders like the state's Clean Cities Coalitions, the Farm Bureau and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, we believe our state can grow more, make more and use more biofuels in the near future.

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