BioTenn - A Partnership for Homegrown Energy

Strategic Plan

Developing an Alternative Fuels Strategy for Tennessee

Governor Bredesen’s Executive Order 33 created an interagency alternative fuels working group comprised of six state departments. This group is charged with developing a comprehensive state alternative fuels strategy that will provide a roadmap to make Tennessee a leader in the production, distribution and use of biofuels in the Southeast.

OBJECTIVE:  To develop action strategies and specific recommendations to address the existing and future needs of Tennessee's citizens, economy and environment.

PROCESS: Governor’s Alternative Fuels Working Group will gather input from teams of key stakeholders in order to identify impact issues and leverage points that the state can address most effectively.  Final report and recommendations will be produced by end of September in order to complement with other energy planning efforts across state government. 

Final report will contain strategies and recommendations for six tentative focus areas:

  • Feedstocks, including growing, harvesting, processing and preparation for corn, soybeans and cellulosic feedstocks
  • Production, including processing feedstocks to make biofuels
  • Distribution, including transportation, storage and blending
  • Fleets and vehicles, including flexible fuel vehicles, clean diesels and plug-in hybrids
  • Fuel dispensing, including fuel availability to consumers
  • Consumer demand
INPUT OPPORTUNITIES: Interested individuals or organization representatives may submit comments on this form as part of the Governor’s Conference on Biofuels or submit comments online.