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ECD Agricultural Feedstock Processing Demonstration Loan Program

The Department of Economic and Community Development will disperse loans of up to $500,000 for projects that increase Tennessee farm income and production of alternative fuel feedstock. Eligible facilities include those in which over 200,000 bushels are processed each year. All prospective applicants must submit a business plan with the application and credit authorization form. A total of $1 million has been allocated for this demonstration loan program. For more information, contact Jeffrey Bolton, Loan Program Manager, at (615) 253-1909.

For more information on the Feedstock Processing Demonstration Loan and application materials, please visit

TDOT Green Island Biofuel Corridor Funding Agreement

The Department of Transportation has developed a funding agreement to establish a statewide network of publicly accessible biofuel (B20 and E85) refueling stations (Green Islands) along Tennessee's interstates and major highway corridors and in major population centers and communities. The funding agreement will cover costs associated with converting existing or the installation of new refueling infrastructure, including tanks, piping, and pump dispenser. For more information, contact Linda Tidwell, grant coordinator, at (615) 253-2860.

For more information on TDOT's Biofuel Green Island Corridor Grant Project, please visit

TDEC Alternative Fuel Innovations Grant

The Department of Environment and Conservation is administering a grant program to improve local governments' and public universities' abilities to begin or expand use of alternative fuels. Eligible projects can range from supplemental fuel costs, engine maintenance, conversion or installation of infrastructure, promotional materials, and or other innovative capital or maintenance approaches that increase alternative fuels use and production. A total of $1 million has been allocated for this grant program. For more information, contact Greg Riggs, grant coordinator, at (615) 532-0567.